Baan Klong Kleng Thai Wedding


Anniversary Celebration

Modern romance is as individual as you. Maybe this is your one day for a fairy tale celebration – a dreamy fantasy to contrast your city lifestyle. Perhaps you want a celebration that’s ultra contemporary. Drape your ceremony in Thai traditional culture. Plan festivities immersed in nature. The possibilities are exciting. You may want to have a simple Thai wedding for a personal touch and unforgettable moments.


Revisit those feelings as you renew your love vows in a special Thai Wedding Anniversary Celebration.

​We can set up
  • Buddhist wedding ceremony
  • Water blessing ceremony

  • A donation and lunch for the monks

  • Thai traditional flower neck garlands for bride and groom

Please keep in your mind  this Thai Wedding is arranged in a very simple way  and does not cost you much. It will be a good memory to bring home with your joy. 

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