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@ Baan Klong Kleng

Located on the downhill slope going towards the beach front, the Standard Bungalows are cozy and comfortable for two persons. 


As there is no power plant in Koh Phayam. The electricity produced by Baan Klong Kleng with generators is running from 6.00 pm till 11.00 pm at the start and the end of the season. During the high season the power is on 24 hours. Towards the end of the season power time is extended after 11.00 pm (until 5.00 - 6.00 am) when the weather is hot so that the fans can be used all night long.


Each bungalow is equipped with:

  • own private terrace

  • bathroom and toilet

  • queen sized bed

  • desk & chair

  • ceiling fan

  • mosquito net.​

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