About Koh Phayam

Koh Phayam

Koh Phayam located 35 km from Ranong in the Ranong Province. It is around 10 km long and 5 km wide, and has a population of around 500. Opposite the Burmese island of Zadetgyi Kyun (St. Matthew' Island) and at the South of Koh Chang Noi, Koh Phayam is part of the national marine park.

The island has still a well preserved natural environment and is well known for its ecotourism. Its landscape ranges from cool and pleasant pine forests to nice white beaches with clear water. The middle of the island is a bit mountainous covered with a forest area inhabited with various species of plants and animals. The local agriculture is mainly based on coconut, rubber and cashew nut plantations.

There are no cars on the island, only motorcycles and bicycles are used to cruise around. 

Cycling around the island is quite a popular activity as the island has a lot of pathways running along beaches, crossing forests and villages. There are a few places where you can rent a bike.

The island is also a good place for walking through the forests and the mangrove to watch the wildlife. There is a lot of rare bird species including a large population of Hornbills. Monkeys can be seen in the jungle in some parts of the island as well as a large variety of lizards, frogs and butterflies. Sea otters can also be seen on the beaches or in the sea, as well as big hermit crabs and various endemic crabs.

There are also a few good spots for snorkeling. Visibility depends on the weather conditions. Sea kayaking is also quite popular especially around the island and in the mangrove forest.

Besides its natural beauty, Koh Phayam also offers a uniquely built temple. The main temple is set along the coast and its prayer round shaped sanctuary on the sea with a bridge connecting it to the shore. This kind of architecture is a very unusual in Thailand.